A specialized company in supplying and maintaining central kitchens, laundry and cold rooms. For more than half a century, we have introduced high quality technology with endless services for our customers, particularly after the after-sales-services. We have the experiences, the expertise, vision and value our name and trust of our customers, thus, to embody our policy of of our after-sales-services and operations, with swiftness, accuracy, and professionalism, we have divided the maintenance into three divisions:

  • Maintenance Division: Specialized in maintaining the equipment.
  • Supply and installation Division: specialized in supplying, operating and installing the equipment
  • Spare parts division: Specialized in supporting all divisions with the necessary spare parts, along with direct wholesale and retail sales


Our Mission

To supply and maintain high quality central kitchens, laundry, cold rooms, and shelving, in addition to build relationships with our customers by providing constant support and applying new technology to our products and services. Today we place future in your hands...


Our Vision

To be leaders in every field of operation, thus, we believe that our customers are our partners, and we treat them as such.
Our customers would not have any other way.